Three brothers, all in baking industry, created a healthy bread that contains 28 grams of protein per two slices. I produced about 20 wireframes, new information architecture and offered a change in content strategy.


IA & Content Guidelines

I examined the screens for submiting an "excuse" to mandatory events and proposed a new information structure that contains less steps to submit an excuse and more obvious indicators of where and how to do it.


From the live data I requested, I understood users of the app better and spotted patterns that can be used to refine the feature as well as expand its functionality to support a user request that doesn't even show up on standard channels.


Various early-stage sketches.

I created prototypes for over 25 pages. Unfortunately, personas never got the time they deserve.

Before and After, Driver Dashboard. (Wireframe that got used on the site without much UI design.)

Revamped shipper dashboard. Driver quotes expand to show additional info and to reveal chat area.

I can help you build or fix your product.

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