Can you improve a product in under 5 hours? Yes you can. I reviewed one of the most used features of Greek-house networking app Our House and proposed changes and feature updates based on database research.


IA & Usability

I examined the screens for submiting an "excuse" to mandatory events and proposed a new information structure that contains less steps to submit an excuse and more obvious indicators of where and how to do it.


From the live data I requested, I understood users of the app better and spotted patterns that can be used to refine the feature as well as expand its functionality to support a user request that doesn't even show up on standard channels.


No validation

How fast can you really redesign something? On this project, I managed to extract some really interesting data, spot patterns and propose changes, but since the project was never implemented, I couldn't get to the validation and iteration phase.

I can help you build or fix your product.

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